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Distinctly Shaped Dusty Rose Handled Vase or Small Pitcher

Distinctly Shaped Dusty Rose Handled Vase or Small Pitcher

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Introducing our gorgeous Dusty Rose Handled Vase or Small Pitcher, a true art pottery gem that likely originated from West Germany or Austria. This hard-to-find piece showcases exquisite craftsmanship and features a very distinctively shaped handle, adding a touch of uniqueness to its elegant design. Standing approximately 6" tall with a 3" base, this vase or pitcher is the perfect size for displaying your favorite flowers or serving small beverages. The dusty rose color exudes a subtle charm, complementing any home decor style. While this piece has a chip on the edge of the outer rim, it is incredibly hard to detect with the naked eye, as it seamlessly blends in with the glaze for the most part. This slight imperfection adds character and authenticity to the piece. Stamped with the phrase 'Gesetzlich Geschutzt,' meaning 'legally protected' or 'copyrighted,' this vase or pitcher holds the timeless appeal of fine European pottery. Despite extensive research, I was unable to determine the exact maker of this remarkable piece, adding to its mysterious allure and rarity. Add a touch of vintage elegance to your collection with this distinctly shaped dusty rose vase or small pitcher. Order now and embrace the beauty of this hard-to-find treasure.

  • Gorgeous dusty rose color with distinctive handle
  • Versatile piece for displaying flowers or serving beverages
  • Subtle chip on the outer rim blends with the glaze
  • Stamped with 'Gesetzlich Geschutzt' for authenticity
  • Rare and mysterious piece of fine European pottery
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