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Vintage Gobelin Tapestry - D.A.C Artz Dutch Master

Vintage Gobelin Tapestry - D.A.C Artz Dutch Master

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Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of our Vintage Gobelin Tapestry, featuring a Dutch Master's painting by David Adolf Constant Artz. Measuring an impressive 67" x 19", this tapestry transports you to a world of artistic brilliance. The Gobelin tapestry factory, established in the mid-1600s in Paris, France, created this masterpiece. Today, the factory is run by the French Ministry of Culture and is a must-visit for art enthusiasts. Artz, known as one of the first Dutch Realists and a student of Israels, painted the original artwork that inspired this tapestry. The tapestry has been modified to include additional details in the room, offering a larger and more intriguing scene. You will be mesmerized by the small circle of women sewing by the light of the window in this Flemish room setting. The color palette, featuring browns, grays, and red, adds depth and richness to the composition. The machine-sewn edges ensure durability and longevity. The tapestry is in good condition, as depicted in the photos. Accompanying the tapestry is a matching decorative pillow. Although the front of the pillow has a stain, it blends seamlessly with the tapestry's colors and is hardly noticeable. The back of the pillow shows some fading of the black cotton fabric due to sun exposure. Embrace the allure of this Vintage Gobelin Tapestry and pillow, as they add an air of sophistication and artistic elegance to any space.

  • Impressive 67" x 19" Vintage Gobelin Tapestry
  • Based on a Dutch Master's painting by D.A.C Artz
  • Modified to include intricate room details
  • Captivating scene of women sewing in a Flemish room
  • Good condition with a matching decorative pillow
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