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Antique Child/Toy Sized Creamer and Sugar Bowl Set ca 1908

Antique Child/Toy Sized Creamer and Sugar Bowl Set ca 1908

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Step back in time with this charming Antique Early American Patterned Glass Child/Toy Sized Creamer and Sugar Bowl set. Manufactured by Co-operative Flint Glass Co. LTD, this set features the iconic REX (OMN) Pattern, which was introduced in 1908. Despite its age, this set still holds its allure, showcasing the craftsmanship of a bygone era. The creamer has a rough lip that seems to have a hairline crack, while the base of the sugar bowl has a chip that is cleverly concealed by the intricate glass cut. Although the sugar bowl is missing its lid, you can envision the beautiful nesting detail it once had, evident by the lip inside the scallops. The scalloped edges of the bowl may feel rough, but this is a result of its unique cut. The set measures approximately 2 1/4" tall, perfect for display or for the enjoyment of young collectors. Despite some minor imperfections, this set is in relatively good condition, reflecting its endurance over time. Co-operative Flint Glass Co., originally known as Beaver Falls Co-operative Flint Glass Co., operated from 1869 until 1937 when it closed due to economic circumstances. Own a piece of history with this exquisite Antique Child/Toy Sized Creamer and Sugar Bowl set. Order now and add a touch of nostalgia to your collection.

  • Charming antique creamer and sugar bowl set
  • Featuring the iconic REX (OMN) Pattern
  • Creamer with rough lip and possible crack
  • Sugar bowl with concealed chip and missing lid
  • Measurements of approximately 2 1/4" tall

mic depression.

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