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SALE! Antique Oneida Silver-plated Potbelly Beverage Pitcher

SALE! Antique Oneida Silver-plated Potbelly Beverage Pitcher

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Antique Silver-plated Beverage Pitcher Montclair by ONEIDA Community LTD. I have not attempted to polish to preserve the vintage patina.
Although tarnished with a few dents this is a lovely piece and would make a beautiful vase for fresh or dried flowers

This particular piece and maker's mark is hard to find (I have searched tirelessly online for a duplicate). However, the history of the Oneida Community is very interesting. I am going to date this piece somewhere in the early 1900s based on the early maker's mark, although I may be totally off the mark. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Short sample of the history.
The company arose from the Oneida Community, established in Oneida, New York, in 1848. The Oneida Association (later Oneida Community) was founded by a small group of Christian Perfectionists led by John Humphrey Noyes, Jonathan Burt, George W. Cragin, Harriet A.Noyes, George W. Noyes, John L. Skinner, and a few others. In 1880, after more than 30 years of operating as a commune, the Oneida Community voted to transfer much of the common property to a joint-stock company to be known as Oneida Community Ltd. effective January 1, 1881.

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