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Vintage Anchor Hocking "Boopie" Candlestick Holders - Set of 2

Vintage Anchor Hocking "Boopie" Candlestick Holders - Set of 2

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Add a touch of 50s charm to your home decor with this delightful set of 2 Anchor Hocking "Berwick Boopie" style candlesticks. These vintage candlesticks feature a trademark beaded rim around the base, reminiscent of the era in which they were made. The beaded rim adds a unique and elegant touch to the holders, making them stand out in any setting. Both pieces are in great vintage condition, showcasing their timeless beauty without any chips or cracks. Standing at a height of 2 3/4" and with a diameter of 4 3/8" at the base, these candlesticks have the perfect proportions to create an eye-catching display. Whether used for candlelight dinners or as decorative accents, these candlesticks bring a sense of nostalgia and sophistication to any space. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this charming set of candlesticks.

  • Set of 2 vintage Anchor Hocking "Berwick Boopie" style candlesticks
  • Trademark beaded rim invokes the charm of the 50s
  • Great vintage condition with no chips or cracks
  • Measures 2 3/4" tall, 4 3/8" diameter at the base
  • Add a touch of nostalgia and elegance to your home decor
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