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Vintage Birch Bark Candles-Set of 2

Vintage Birch Bark Candles-Set of 2

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Vintage Birch Bark Candles by BouquetBE Enterprises, Set of 2. These candles are perfect for burning around the holidays or the fall/winter season. These pillar candles are wrapped in birch, which is perfect for a natural-themed holiday. Unscented, lightly used. Measures 4" Tall x 1 3/4" in diameter. Pre-owned vintage condition.

The birch tree’s beauty and grace has earned it the name Lady of the Woods. For centuries humans have used it’s leaves, sap, bark and wood to make shelters, canoes, medicine and more. The bark is light, flexible and waterproof in addition to it’s striking beauty. It’s first tender green buds are a welcome sign in the spring and remind us it is a time of renewal and rebirth.

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