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Capriware Hand Painted Candle Holder Set

Capriware Hand Painted Candle Holder Set

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Create an enchanting ambiance with this exquisite Capriware Hand Painted Candle Holder set. Designed to accommodate both large pillar candles or tapers, these candle holders feature a captivating color scheme. The base coat showcases a vibrant combination of purple, pink, light blue, and white, adorned with intricate leaves and floral patterns that will effortlessly catch your eye with their beauty. Despite their age, these candle holders are in excellent condition, displaying only the slightest bit of grazing, adding a touch of vintage charm. Rest assured, as there is no fading, chips, or cracks. The set includes three sizes: the large holder measures 11 inches tall with a 6 1/4 inch base, the medium holder stands at 9 inches tall with a 5 1/8 inch base, and the small holder measures 7 inches tall with a 3-inch base. Elevate the ambiance of any room with these hand-painted candle holders that effortlessly blend artistry and practicality.

  • Set of hand-painted candle holders for large pillars or tapers
  • The enchanting color scheme with vibrant purple, pink, light blue, and white
  • Intricate leaf and floral patterns
  • Very excellent condition with slight grazing due to age
  • Measurements: Large - 11 inches tall, Medium - 9 inches tall, Small - 7 inches tall
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