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Vintage Cream/Beige Milk Pitcher

Vintage Cream/Beige Milk Pitcher

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Introducing this charming Vintage Cream/Beige Milk Pitcher, a delightful addition to any kitchen or antique collection. While this pitcher does not have a specific Maker's Mark, it bears similarities to pieces from the McCoy Pottery Collection, known for their timeless craftsmanship. Dating back to the early days of McCoy Pottery, this pitcher is a testament to the rich history of the brand. One interesting aspect of identifying McCoy Pottery is that pieces from this era were not initially marked until around 1929. This vintage pitcher is in remarkable condition, with no chips or cracks, except for slight crazing on one side, adding to its authentic character. With approximate dimensions of 6" tall and 6" wide, this pitcher has a generous 1 quart capacity, making it both functional and aesthetically appealing. Whether displayed as a captivating nostalgic piece or used in day-to-day serving, this cream/beige milk pitcher is sure to evoke a sense of nostalgia and charm. Don't miss the opportunity to own this lovely vintage treasure.

  • Charming vintage cream/beige milk pitcher
  • Possible connection to McCoy Pottery Collection
  • Remarkable condition with slight crazing on one side
  • Approximately 6" tall and 6" wide
  • Generous 1 quart capacity
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