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Vintage Fiesta Tom and Jerry Mugs

Vintage Fiesta Tom and Jerry Mugs

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Step back in time with these vintage Fiesta Tom & Jerry mugs. Crafted in the original turquoise glaze, these mugs are a true representation of the iconic Fiesta pottery. Circa 1939-1959, these mugs were originally designed to serve the popular Tom and Jerry alcoholic egg and milk drink. With their unique ring handle, borrowed from the general Fiesta ware line, these mugs became an instant hit. The distinctive ring handle is the only design element on these mugs, making them a simple yet timeless choice. Whether you use them for coffee or any hot beverage, these mugs are just the perfect size. Their thick walls ensure that your drink stays warm for longer than contemporary cups. This particular example in turquoise is in excellent condition, free from any damage, and features a nice mark on the bottom, confirming its authenticity. Adding to their charm are the definitive logo marks of old Fiesta ware. Look out for the lowercase "fiesta" stamp, like the one found on these mugs, which indicates that they are vintage pieces. Introduced in 1936, Fiesta pottery was originally produced in five colors - Green, Cobalt Blue, Yellow, Red, and Ivory. Turquoise, although not part of the original lineup, was introduced about a year into Fiesta's production and remained in continuous production until the end of the vintage era in 1969. These Tom & Jerry mugs in turquoise are highly coveted by collectors and enthusiasts alike. Embrace the nostalgia and own a piece of Fiesta's history with these vintage mugs.

  • Vintage Fiesta Tom & Jerry mugs in turquoise glaze
  • Circa 1939-1959
  • Distinctive ring handle design
  • Perfect size for coffee and hot beverages
  • Excellent condition and nicely marked on the bottom

Turquoise is another rare and coveted Fiesta color for collectors

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