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Floral Lace Tablecloth

Floral Lace Tablecloth

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Enhance the elegance of your dining table with this beautiful floral lace tablecloth. Crafted with utmost care, this tablecloth features a dainty and intricate lace design that exudes a timeless charm. Measuring approximately 59" long x 52" wide, it is perfectly sized to fit most standard tables. The mesmerizing chartreuse color, with hints of mustard yellow and subtle green tones, adds a touch of sophistication to any dining setting. Although there may be some holes that require minor repairs, this does not diminish the overall beauty of this piece. Furthermore, the stains are minimal, if any, and can easily be removed with a gentle wash. Please refer to the accompanying photos to witness the true allure of this tablecloth. Upgrade your table decor and create unforgettable dining experiences with this exceptional floral lace tablecloth.

  • Exquisite floral lace design adds a touch of timeless charm
  • Crafted with utmost care for durability and lasting beauty
  • Versatile size fits most standard dining tables
  • Mesmerizing chartreuse color with hints of mustard yellow and subtle green tones
  • Minor repairs may be required for some holes; stains, if any, can be easily removed with a gentle wash
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