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Vintage Porcelain Bisque Baby Doll in Christening Gown

Vintage Porcelain Bisque Baby Doll in Christening Gown

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Step back in time with this vintage porcelain bisque baby doll dressed in a delicate christening gown. Standing at 5" tall and approximately 2" wide, this doll possesses an angelic face with captivating blue eyes that exude innocence and charm. While this doll showcases some signs of wear, such as damage to one of the arms as shown in the photo, it only adds to its authentic vintage appeal. The absence of a maker's mark allows the doll's craftsmanship to take center stage. The gown, made from cotton with a mesh overlay and lace trim, has gracefully yellowed with age. It features a velcro closure, ensuring easy and secure dressing of the doll. The delicate details of the gown accentuate the doll's overall beauty and add a touch of elegance. Whether you're a collector or simply someone who appreciates the nostalgia of vintage dolls, this porcelain bisque baby doll in a christening gown is a timeless piece that will evoke feelings of tenderness and enchantment.

  • Vintage porcelain bisque baby doll in a graceful christening gown
  • Measuring 5" tall with an angelic face and captivating blue eyes
  • Showcasing some signs of wear, including damage to one arm (as shown in the photo)
  • No visible maker's mark, allowing the craftsmanship to shine
  • Gracefully yellowed cotton gown with mesh overlay, lace trim, and velcro closure
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