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Vintage Hoosier Glass Tulip Vase

Vintage Hoosier Glass Tulip Vase

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Add a touch of vintage charm to your home with this beautiful Vintage Hoosier Glass Tulip Vase. With its stunning green color and crinkle pebble design, this vase is the perfect centerpiece for your spring and summer floral arrangements. The vase is in perfect condition and features the 'Hoosier' stamp on the bottom, a mark of its authenticity. Standing at approximately 8 1/2" tall and with a 4 1/8" rim, this vase is a perfect size to showcase your favorite flowers. Let the vibrant colors and elegant design of this vintage piece brighten up your table and bring a touch of nostalgia to your decor. Don't miss out on this timeless beauty that will surely be a conversation starter.

  • Vintage Hoosier Glass Tulip Vase
  • Beautiful green color with crinkle pebble design
  • Perfect for spring and summer flowers
  • Stands approximately 8 1/2" tall
  • Authentic piece with 'Hoosier' stamp on the bottom
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