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Seymour Mann 17" Porcelain Doll - Connoisseur Collectible

Seymour Mann 17" Porcelain Doll - Connoisseur Collectible

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Discover the exquisite beauty of Seymour Mann's 17" Porcelain Doll, a true connoisseur collectible. This stunning doll comes complete with its original stand and features a meticulously hand-painted porcelain head, arms, and legs. The intricate workmanship shines through in every detail. Adorned in a hand-finished French blue costume with delicate lace accents, this doll is a true masterpiece. It is accompanied by a matching hat, a white netting slip, pantaloons with lace trim, and long socks, adding an extra touch of elegance. With a porcelain head and partial porcelain composition in its arms and legs, this doll's cloth body provides a lifelike feel and appearance. The doll showcases captivating light brown eyes that exude warmth, and its beautifully styled ringlet hair adds a touch of charm. Completing the doll's ensemble are shoes that tie with a ribbon, adding a delightful and unique touch. This doll is sold as is, allowing you to appreciate its originality and historical value. Designed by the renowned painter and sculptor Eda Mann, each doll is a hand-painted masterpiece created in the esteemed "Sarah Wellington Art Studio". These dolls represent a refreshing take on classic collector's dolls in the tradition of Bru, Jumeau, and Huret. From meticulously hand-painted porcelain to authentic costuming, no detail is overlooked. The doll features realistic glasstique eyes and wonderful hairdos, accentuating its lifelikeness. Even the leatherette shoes are crafted with precision. Eda Mann has successfully captured the warmth and beauty of museum-quality dolls, guaranteeing their authenticity. These dolls are reproduced in limited worldwide editions of 7500 pieces, making them highly sought after by collectors. Whether you are a serious collector or simply appreciate the beauty of exceptional craftsmanship, this doll represents excellent value. Own a piece of art and history with the Seymour Mann 17" Porcelain Doll, an exquisite collector's item that will bring joy and admiration for years to come.

  • Exquisite 17" porcelain doll by Seymour Mann
  • Meticulously hand-painted porcelain head, arms, and legs
  • Hand-finished French blue costume with lace accents
  • Designed by renowned painter and sculptor Eda Mann
  • Limited worldwide edition of 7500 pieces
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