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Vintage Handmade Crocheted Doilies - Set of 3

Vintage Handmade Crocheted Doilies - Set of 3

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Enhance your home decor with our Vintage Handmade Crocheted Doilies - Set of 3. These beautifully crafted doilies feature a classic beige color that adds a touch of elegance to any surface. Each doily showcases the artistry of handmade crochet, highlighting intricate patterns and delicate detailing. The set includes 2 small doilies measuring approximately 8" x 8" each, and 1 large doily measuring approximately 12" x 8". This variety in size allows for versatile usage, whether it's adorning your coffee table, nightstand, or dresser. Please note that one of the doilies has a spot. We have provided detailed photos for you to assess the condition before making your purchase. As vintage items, these doilies may show some natural discoloration typical of their age. However, their beauty and craftsmanship remain timeless. Transform your space with the nostalgic charm of our Vintage Handmade Crocheted Doilies. Let their intricate designs and neutral tones create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

  • Set of 3 beautifully crafted vintage crocheted doilies
  • Classic beige color adds elegance to any surface
  • Includes 2 small doilies (8" x 8") and 1 large doily (12" x 8")
  • One of the doilies has a spot, please refer to detailed photos
  • Shows natural discoloration typical of age, preserving their vintage charm

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