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Vintage Paper Table Napkins - Purple Flower Bouquets

Vintage Paper Table Napkins - Purple Flower Bouquets

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Add a touch of vintage elegance to your table setting with these beautiful vintage paper table napkins. The package has been opened, but there are still 26 of the original 30 napkins remaining, ensuring you have plenty for your gatherings. Featuring stunning purple flower bouquets with green foliage on a white background, these napkins create a charming and inviting atmosphere. Each napkin measures approximately 6 1/2" square, providing ample space for wiping hands and faces. Perfect for special occasions or adding a nostalgic vibe to everyday meals, these vintage paper table napkins are a delightful addition to your collection.

  • Vintage paper table napkins with purple flower bouquets on a white background
  • Package includes 26 napkins out of the original 30
  • Measure approximately 6 1/2" square for practical use
  • Create a charming and elegant atmosphere
  • Perfect for special occasions or everyday meals
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